Enlisted as a Soldier of Christ

I am inspired to say the least. Lord, make me fit to serve you all of my days, and to preach your Gospel to the lost, wherever you may have me.

Mainstream Missionaries

David Miller, what a preacher! Praise the Lord for the mind he has been given, and his faithfulness to love and preach the Word of God!


From the 2019 G3 Conference. Pastor Miller is teaching from Colossians 4:7-18.

  1. Biblical Commission for Missions – we are a privileged group. It is to you who the word of the gospel has come. We give thanks to the Father for being qualified to partake in the inheritance of the Lord Jesus Christ! Take this Gospel and take it to the ends of the world, and all people everywhere! Giving money to sending agencies does not get us off the hook of fulfilling the Great Commission!
  2. Biblical concept for doing Missions – Book of Acts and missionary campaigns. Establish churches of order, raise up pastors from converts, and get individual Christians under the burden of the gospel.
  3. Characters mentioned in the text who were Missionaries – Tychicus (a faithful, consistent man), Onesimus (a fugitive, converted man), Aristarchus (a fearless, courageous man), Mark (a forgiven, cleansed man). Justus, Epaphras, Luke (famous, celebrated), Demas (faltering, counterfeit), Nymphas, Archippus (floundering, called man).
    • If you are a blood washed child of the King, millions are waiting for you to share. The one-eyed man is a king in the land of the blind.
  4. The cost involved in being missionaries – there is no cost high enough, not even my life, that is not worth paying in our allegiance to the Lamb.


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